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    Rajdeep Group is a leading force in delivering high quality technical products for industrial and commercial applications.

    Our portfolio of products include Industrial lubricants from the brand leader Mobil, refractories from Calderys and power products from some of the best names in the industry.

    Rajdeep’s impressive portfolio of power products includes our flagship product ResQ Inverters and Tubular Batteries, Power Stacks & SMF Batteries from Amara Raja Batteries, mission critical uninterrupted power systems from Ametek, Generators from Sterling and Wilson, commercial and retail UPS from Hitachi Hi-Rel and Skynet solutions from Grene Robotics that controls assets without human intervention.

    Rajdeep’s line of products and solutions serve the needs of the Manufacturing, Government, Commercial, Residential, IT, Telecom, Healthcare and Retail sectors in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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