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  • Amara Raja Power Products

    Amara Raja Power Products

    Rajdeep is the authorized distributor of Amaron Quanta Batteries in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. We meet stringent requirements related to handling, personnel training and qualification, and brand representation. Our after sales and services to our customers is the best in the industry.

    Amara Raja Batteries Limited owns the hugely popular “Amaron” brand. Amara Raja has the most advanced integrated manufacturing facility in India. It is based on this strength and with a clear understanding of power back-up requirements that Amara Raja Power Systems Limited has become the quality benchmark in the manufacture of Power Electronics. The product range we represent includes

    • UPS SMF Battery 12V – 7.2AH – 200 AH Quanta
    • Battery Chargers
    • 2V SMF 100 AH – 6000 AH Power stack
    • Panels LT, MV, C&R, SMPS

    Amaron Powerstacks

    Adhering to stringent distributor criteria of Powerstacks, Rajdeep serves the entire spectrum of industrial segments by providing intelligent power solutions. Amaron Powerstacks are high performance batteries designed to meet a wide range of industrial applications. The Powerstack range is modular in structure and is capable of accommodating a wide range of capabilities depending on the application. Powerstacks are available in a wide range from 100Ah to 6000Ah, housed in self-stackable MS trays. The advantages of Powerstacks in heavy industries are

    • Design float life of 20 years & Deep discharge capabilities
    • Unbeatable track record in heavy Industries
    • Modular design for easy installation & stacking flexibility
    • 100% charged when shipped from Rajdeep warehouse
    • Patented Lead Oxide Paste Recipe offering excellent charge acceptance and low self-discharge rate
    • Innovative Plate Design offers low internal resistance and superior high rate discharge performance
    • Advanced AGM separator offering a longer service life and enhanced high rate discharge performance

    The highly skilled technical team at Rajdeep provides timely solutions for projects across varied industries. Rajdeep has built its reputation as a trusted brand leader through its dealership reach, manpower and a patented warehousing database. Specialised training is imparted to all technical staff to handle sales, installation and service.

    For more information, please visit our principal’s website – Amara Raja Power Systems


    Rajdeep is the authorized distributor of Amaron Quanta Batteries in Andhra Pradesh. Amaron Quanta SMF VRLA long life UPS battery is not an ordinary UPS battery; it is a UPS battery with a back-up for a back-up. It comes with AGM batteries that are backed by world-renowned JCI technology to take care of your power backup requirements that no other SMF battery brand in India can provide you with. Amaron takes great pride in being India’s leader in VRLA batteries and is the manufacturer of 2V maintenance free VRLA batteries for industrial (Telecom, Railways, Power, Oil & Gas, UPS, etc.) purposes & 12V VRLA battery.

    For more information, please visit our principal’s website – Amaron Quanta Batteries