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  • Kohler Generators

    Kohler Generators

    Rajdeep has teamed up with one of the oldest and largest privately-held generator companies in USA. Kohler has been a global manufacturer of engines and generators for over 90 years and designs for industrial, mobile, residential and rental applications.

    The Kohler difference:

    • Compact Design.
    • Microprocessor based Digital controller.
    • Silencer integrated enclosure ensures safety, compactness, rust-free and better aesthetics up to 630 KVA.
    • Fuel Water separator to safeguard engine.
    • Convenient access for maintenance with all service points on one side of the machine.
    • 2/3 pitch winding alternator for better handling of harmonic and unbalanced loads.
    • Fully automated DG set building facility with quality checks at every stage.
    • All Gensets undergo load test as per ISO 8528.
    • Single source for sales, service, parts and warranty.

    Rajdeep has partnered with Kohler to help organizations monitor their business 24/7 by ensuring reliable backup power that is critical and uninterrupted. Kohler strives with passion for providing clean, reliable power, whenever and wherever it’s needed. The generators sets are built for reliability with self diagnostic features.

    For more information, please visit our principal’s website: Kohler India