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  • VATS Filtration Technologies

    VATS Filtration Technologies

    Rajdeep is an authorized distributer for VATS Filtration Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for the states of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.

    Vats Filtration Technologies Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001-2008 certified company Is providing technoeconomic filtration solution for life science and industrial applications and has more than 17 years experience.

    Presently the company is engaged in manufacturing Resin bonded filter elements, Oil Filtration Systems, Filter Housings and related accessories.

    The resin bonded elements ‘bonflow’, have been proven in a wide range of life science and industrial applications. Vats ‘bonflow’ elements are available in various micron ratings from 100 micron up to 0.2 micron and in various lengths from 4” to 40”.

    Vats also manufactures Oil filtration trolleys ‘fluent’ for hydraulic and lubricating applications and are available in various configurations to suit various tank capacities.

    ‘fluent Pro’ is suitable for high end hydraulic application like servo/ EH** which delivers oil quality of NAS4 and moisture control up to 200ppm. ‘fluent Ultra’ another range is suitable for proportional hydraulic applications and delivers oil quality of NAS7 and 500ppm moisture control. ‘fluent Plus’, a model without prime mover (pump) is suitable for small and mobile hydraulics.

    For other industrial applications like flushing and Test Rigs applications where quantum of contamination is very high, ‘fluent Total’ a custom made system is very effective.

    For Neat Cutting applications like honing, lapping, grinding, etc. a back washable system, ‘fluent Regen’ is available.

    Installation of Vats Products ensures more than 50% reduction in operating filtration cost as against any standard imported products.

    Vats has the expertise in manufacturing as well as providing on site filtration services. We also take Annual Maintenance Conctracts (AMC) and One time cleaning and flushing contracts.

    Understanding the customer’s problem and providing the cost effective solution is our expertise.

    The company have the establishment at Pune where it has well-equipped plant to manufacture quality filters and filtration systems, backed with modern “Testing and Application Laboratory” and Technical Services Department.

    A strong technical backbone and experienced workforce, made the company to offer cost effective solutions with consistent quality products and efficient services to the valued customers. The company is managed by a team of well qualified technocrats and professionals.

    We believe that our expertise in this particular field should be made available to our customers in order to assist them in their quest for manufacturing excellence.

    For more information, please visit our principal’s website – VATS Filteration Technologies