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Saptagiri Grameena BankScenario: The customer was using tubular batteries for their UPS. Tubular batteries need to be maintained periodically every 5 to 6 months, resulting in single maintenance cost and frequent battery replacements. Solution: Tubular batteries were upgraded to sealed, maintenance-free batteries. Benefit: The customer had maintenance-free service for the next two years resulting in enhanced efficiency. The satisfied customer placed repeat orders for SMF batteries for their other branches too.
PVR InfrastructureScenario: The customer was servicing several Toll Plazas which needed support of good quality UPS and batteries. The prime requirement was failure free service as power outage at the Toll Plazas could cost considerable business time. . Solution: Online UPS and Amararaja make batteries for backup were supplied. Benefit: The battery and UPS supplied have given trouble-free running for the past 10 years. The customer has appreciated our customer-centric solution.
Home ApplicationScenario: Mr. Anand was subjected to a domestic power cut of more than 12hours, resulting in insufficient time to even charge his inverter. Since, the backup time required was more; the cost of the UPS and inverter became unaffordable for him. Solution: Rather than suggesting increased battery backup, our engineer suggested the use of a solar charger. The system is now working perfectly in a cost-effective and seamless way. Benefit: The customer recovered the cost of investment in just 3 years.
Rukmani Rama SteelScenario: In the palletization plant, the customer was using rotary kiln, imported from china. This kiln was designed for use with bricks. Solution: We advised the customer to replace the bricks with low cement castable having a 3.5 m diameter, 30m length with a 250 mm thickness. Benefit: Its successful running has ensured customer satisfaction.