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Your power protection equipment like UPS systems, Battery Chargers, Inverters, Diesel Generators and Batteries need periodic maintenance and repair. Our engineers are highly experienced professionals, trained by expert handlers and thus, they are fully-equipped to give you the best after sales experience possible.

Below is an overview of our services:

Preventive Maintenance

Normal wear & tear can lower the efficiency of your equipment. Preventive maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns and increases the life span of your equipment. Most importantly is saves you from the huge cost of breakdowns.

Do you know that dust is the major enemy of the electronic components present in your power backup equipment? Various parameters of the equipment also require periodic calibrations. During preventive maintenance, our engineers check the performance of each individual section and then align/ calibrate the settings, if required. If any ageing components are spotted, they are replaced (on chargeable basis). Under this service, we cover a variety of power protection devices of various makes.


Amara Raja, our principal, has developed a unique battery monitoring program called BatmonTM which checks the health of individual batteries in a series string, online without any impact to existing load. The good news is that this program is designed to check the health of the batteries of any make/brand!

Breakdown Maintenance

Your power backup equipment can sometimes breakdown unexpectedly. But you need not worry when we are there for you! Our engineers are trained by our principals and are quite experienced. Thus, they are capable of repairing not only power equipment supplied by Rajdeep but also the ones supplied by others.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Isn’t it a good idea to get your equipment covered under Annual Maintenance Contract? Certainly, it is! Let us tell you why. It guards you against the potential breakdowns and failures. Thus, you don’t have to face loss of revenue or reputation because of such unfavourable scenarios. Moreover, this saves you from sudden disruptions in your budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with Rajdeep and rest assured that your equipment will be taken care professionally on priority basis. Peace of mind guaranteed!